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  • We're in NOKIA Kids calendar 2015

    We’re in NOKIA Kids calendar 2015

    I was invited to take part in NOKIA Kids calendar 2015, as a partner responsible for children's clothing. Big thanks to Orfin Studio, authors of the calendar's concept and photoshooting.
  • PIXELS! collection fashion show

    PIXELS! collection fashion show

    Loff Loff took part in 5th edition of Wrocław Fashion Meeting, the biggest independent fashion show in our region. It's the only event in Poland to present children's fashion live on.
  • Colour minimalism

    Colour minimalism

    Since when comfort and style are no longer mutually exclusive in children fashion, it turned out that the clothes made of sweatshirt jersey can be interesting to stylize. They make a nice link.
  • Organic can be colourful!

    Organic can be colourful!

    Organic cotton can be colorful! We do not need to stick to the limited colour palette of the earth. Browns, broken greens, cream ... Think of the forest, of a meadow - nature invented thousands of.
  • Double-sided: PUNK jackets

    Double-sided: PUNK jackets

    THESE HOODS ARE ALL PUNKY LIKE WHEN YOU WERE TWO: FIRST CUDDLY AND SNUGGLY THEN REBELLIOUS CREW! PUNK jackets are an option for those who like to run wild with colours and do not avoid the.
  • Warm and organic: DINO jackets

    Warm and organic: DINO jackets

    Oversize-styled jackets with dinosaur-like hood. Comfy and warm, make great outfit for autumn, as well as for sunny winter days. Combination of grey organic cotton (warm sweatshirt fleece) and.


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