Since when comfort and style are no longer mutually exclusive in children fashion, it turned out that the clothes made of sweatshirt jersey can be interesting to stylize. They make a nice link between the different styles: they add a bit of pepper to romantic sets, they fit toned compositions, and soften the rock-styled outfits. The scale of possibilities is huge today, as well as selection of styles and colours. The typical, oldschool gray tracksuit can be long forgotten!

But after all, when dressing up children, it is especially easy to overdo it. I personally do not like it when it is too sweet or too adult-like or too sporty. Over time, this sense of balance comes naturally and is simply an integral part of parenting. However, sometimes each of us wants to dress his/her child the coolest as possible, yet not everyone can easily achieve this effect. Fortunately for you there is one reliable, simple, and minimalist rule: use two, maximum three colors, and if you decide on one crazy element – compose it only with plain, simple elements.

Step by step and you will soon feel confident in the field of children’s fashion. In the end, it does not differ so much from our everyday clothing, right? At the same time, however, I strongly recommend not to be afraid to combine different styles and designs. In the adult world, we no longer have the opportunities to do so, or ability. Children are allowed much more than adults and their imagination and creativity knows no bounds. So, let’s dress our kids not only comfortable, but also according to their nature: creativity & fun of being a child.

agata legan stylizacja 1

Sweatpants with quite slim cut perfectly fit to sporty style (shoes) with a hint of country (shirt). This unisex combination introduces pink colour to the boys closet without any risk. Breaking stereotypes is great fun!

agata legan stylizacja 2

This simple and cool colours styling surprises us with details: crest on the hood, bows and bird motifs, as well as fluffy pompom, which harmonizes with the coats’ finishing. It is quiet, but definitely not boring.

agata legan stylizacja 3

Colourful pixel pants can easily be soothed with greys. Yellow band draws focus to this one color and makes the rest of the colors a nice background styling, not overwhelming at all. The combination of different patterns here may seem risky, but on the contrary – it gives a consistent character to the whole composition.
My personal golden rule of combining patterns is: the sky – the air – the ground. How does it work? Well, the top clothing is decorated with sky-themed motifs, the middle – with air, and the lowest – with the ground. So here there are: stars = sky, birds = air and pixels = ground. Of course these are just loose associations ;)

agata legan stylizacja 4

Strong yellow lining of jacket and crest on the hood fit perfectly to pastel version of yellow on the trousers. Black and gray additions complement the work: the whole outfit gives looks deliberate and sustainable. The sweetness of this set is contrasted with heavy, rock shoes.

agata legan stylizacja 5

Even neon pink can be minimized if we compose it with the powdery, toned (but not too sweet) version and neutral colors – brown and beige, which add nobility to the whole set. The skirt is finished with pink thread. Thanks to this small detail something that apparently does not fit, it just fits perfectly! In addition, the pattern on the fabric is a clever distraction so even the strongest color item (pink coat) is no longer so dominant.

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