I was invited to take part in NOKIA Kids calendar 2015, as a partner responsible for children’s clothing.
Big thanks to Orfin Studio, authors of the calendar’s concept and photoshooting session!

The calendar is now ready and will be received by employees in all Nokia Networks software & engineering centers in Europe.

Excerpt from a leaflet accompanying the calendar:

The inspiration for this calendar came from the urge to show children how telecommunication has developed over the years, and how it has affected our lives. Children of the employees of Nokia Networks European Software & Engineering Center in Wrocław took part in a photoshoot. A large collection of antique switchboards and vintage telephones offered by Museum of Post and Telecommunication in Wrocław, was a great incentive for the young ones to have good fun and learn about history of telecommunication.

The calendar was made in cooperation with Museum of Post and Telecommunication in Wrocław and the Loff Loff company.

nokia_kids_calendar_4 nokia_kids_calendar_1 nokia_kids_calendar_6 nokia_kids_calendar_7 nokia_kids_calendar_3 nokia_kids_calendar_5 nokia_kids_calendar_8 nokia_kids_calendar_2

All photos by Kamil Toczek (kamil@blackapple.pl)