I am very excited about the photoshooting session for the new spring/summer collection.
The session was made by Paulina and Anastazja from PinkWings. We had 6 awesome kids and the atmosphere was just wonderful. It was like a family summer picnic, will all those homemade cakes and green tea! The photoshooting was held in a very special place. Czytogruszka is a place dedicated to family workshops and creative development of children, located in a passive building (minimizing energy consumption for heating, lighting etc.). Slow life and ecology in one place!

In the spring/summer collecion you will find a wide selection of harem pants, t-shirts, vests, skirts and tunic dresses, as well as accessories such as headbands, scarves and caps. New sizes are available – now for kids aged 2-10.

Here’s the sneak preview of the new collection. I’ve got wonderful backstage photos from Tatiana Wilinska, mother of two boys taking part in the photoshooting. She runs her own photographic studio called Le MaMi Studio. Thank you, Tatiana!

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