Welcome to my first collection: PIXELS! It’s streetwear for kids aged 1-6.
There are cuddly jackets, roguish pants and colorful longsleeves, made from 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified). All yours and designed to stand out from the crowd!

– Sweet, there are delicate pastels, pink and blue… Oh, stop it!
PIXELS! is dedicated to those who love grays while truly longing for color madness. With this inspiration I designed fabric patterns that are hard to find elsewhere. It’s all about – guess what! – pixels. It’s the memory of euphoria when I got my first computer (can you remember Atari? pixel world of 8-bit images?). It’s all vibrant, energetic colours such as youthful nature. And even grey is unusual: warm, with a hint of lavender.
Behind me, there is a lot of testing to achieve THIS quality and colours.

Come and see, I hope you will like it! :)

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Organic interlock knit (GOTS certified): 100% organic cotton
Organic sweatshirt jersey (GOTS certified): 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane
Minky fur: 100% polyester

Patterns and colours of knitwear are especially designed for this collection. I was inspired by old computer games and a pixel world of 8-bit images. You will find very intense and lively colours here – just as children are, aren’t they? Even grey is completely different than normal – warm, with a shade of lavender.

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1-2 years (80-92) – jackets, longsleeves, pants
3-4 years (98-104) – jackets, longsleeves, pants
5-6 years (110-116) – jackets, longsleeves
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These clothes grow along with children. Therefore, I give the size in ranges, matching it to a child’s age. The rib cuffs in the legs are so long as to be rolled up on small children. And when they grow up – a rolled up leg will change long trousers into knickerbockers, which still fit them well! At the back, on the waist there is a special hole which makes the width of elastic easy to regulate on your own. It really helps, especially if your child is a thin picky eater ;).

To make our lives and our children’s easier, I have designed clothes in a way they could be put on and worn as comfortably as possible. The cuffs are easy to roll up and so delicate that they do not press a child’s leg even if rolled up three times. Loose-fitting cut in the crouch will have enough room for a nappy in case of small children, and it will allow the older ones for wild activities and a lot of endless fun. Thanks to elastic waist your child will be able to take the trousers off or put them back on with ease, e.g. using a toilet. It is good to be able to take your pants off in case of emergency – also of this kind ;).

Pants are made of GOTS certified interlock knit (100% organic cotton).
I have chosen organic cotton, because it seems to be the best choice for a childs’s sensitive skin. And lets us support ethical fashion.
GOTS certification guarantees that the fabric is indeed free of any chemical pollution and safe for your child. It is simply natural. The certification also makes it possible for you to bring forward a specific consumer manifesto. It means support for eco-friendly production as well as fair trade. Is it worth to pay more for this? The answer is yours.

I like my country and I support it. I believe that my fellow workers will do their best and put their heart and soul into their work just as I always do. This is why I order Polish knitted materials only, as well as print my fabrics in Poland. I have my clothes made in a small local workshop. And no compromises to quality! The result? Care for details and great quality. It really works, you can check it yourselves!

Oh, and it’s also good to check out our WASH & CARE INSTRUCTIONS