Cancelling your order

  • The waiting time for payment of the order is 7 days. After that date we will cancel your order, but first we will try to contact you via e-mail.
  • If you wish to cancel your order, you can do this anytime, as long as your order has the status “Processing”. In that case, just write to us at (please include the number of your order). If you want to cancel your order after we shipped it, please refer to our RETURN POLICY.

Return policy

  • If you wish to return any of the items you have bought, let us know within 14 days from the date of delivery of purchased goods.
  • Please use theORDER RETURN FORM below, to be sure we receive your message. You are welcome to include the reasons for your decision, as it helps us to improve our service and products in future.
  • Returned goods can not bear signs of use, must be complete and, if possible, packed in its original packaging. Used or incomlete items will not be refunded.
  • Please send us back the goods no later than within 14 days from the date you sent the Order Return Form.
    Address for returns:
    Loff Loff Małgorzata Potoczna
    al. Karkonoska 10
    53-015 Wrocław
  • You can choose between:
    • money refund for the returned goods
      Includes the returned goods and costs of shipping (taken from your original order)
    • ordering new items for exchange of those returned (free shipping)
      If you order new items in exchange, we guarantee you free shipping within Europe.