IMG_7018a Good morning, good day, good evening – it’s good to see you here.
My name is Małgorzata Potoczna and this is probably a quite common story. For 12 years I’ve been working hard in advertisement industry. There were ups and downs, but I did what I loved. Imagine hectic deadlines, customer negotiations, creative brainstorming, massive to-do lists and zillions of emptied tea cups. The stress was always there – exciting, but also exhausting.
Then, almost at the same time, two things happened. I decided I had to change something in my life – and I got pregnant. The moment was perfect. So, I sold my shares to my business partner and… enjoyed doing nothing probably for the first time since my childhood. The pregnancy taught me to just go out and wander. To look around slowly. To eat mindfully. To take my time. Everything slowed down – and the great suprise: it was still exciting. Just tasted better.
So I got slow. And after my little one was born, I knew I wanted to stay like that. And enjoyed those moments like Sunday breakfast on a sunny terrace, home made bread, all those first-things-to-do by my boy, going out with friends, even watching TV in the evening with a glass of wine and in arms of my man or a short nap during the day. And when you are a fresh mother, you do learn how precious those moments are!
Still, the question lingered: what now? The housewife life never sounded like me.
One day, on a way somewhere with my friend – almost-a-mother who was expecting a boy – we agreed there was so little great clothes for boys. Take all those girls’ stuff: skirts and rompers, headbands and diaper covers, laces, ribbons and furbelows, all so pink and sweet, just about to explode with marshmallows. And what’s there for boys?
Gotcha! This is how it started. I was so enthusiastic, I bought a sewing machine and began exploring new lands. While I was seeking and learning and practicing, more ideas came up, as I recalled my childhood and days spent on embroidery and knitting with my grandma. So I bought another machine – embroidery one – and after some more time I felt that I was ready for this new adventure of my life.

I started to sew softies, decorative pillows and blankets. And because the ideas were born one after the other, I also explored the secrets of pattern design, printing on fabrics, clothes construction… the research continued along with lots of testing and testing and even more testing- both materials and suppliers/manufacturers. Because I cannot compromise on the quality, I am such a perfectionist.

Today, as I write this, my son is 2.5 years (already? when did that happen?), and my first clothing collection – PIXELS! – just hit the market. My life has changed 180 degrees, and even gained much momentum again – I’m okay with that!

This is where you come up. Have fun watching, and I hope that you will find something for yourself or your kids here! And if you have an idea for something, let me know, I could sew it for you :)

(September, 2014)