I decided to sew Loff Loff clothes of organic cotton for two reasons.

ONE: because it seems to be the best for baby’s delicate skin. Rigorous GOTS certification ensures that the cotton comes from organic farming, and the fabric is really free from harmful chemicals. Just that – natural. And at the same pleasant and soft to the touch.
GOTS certificate is information that your clothes are even safer health than just clothes marked with the Oeko-Tex mark of 100.

TWO: because this statement for all of us, the consumers. That support the sustainable production and fair trade. Traditional cotton growing cause pollution fertilizers and pesticides, consume huge amounts of water. Fashion industry produces a huge amount of clothes, we do not necessarily need, and produced for the buck at the expense of hard work and health of many people. I definitely will buy less stuff, and better quality and more durable, and sleep peacefully.