Organic cotton can be colorful! We do not need to stick to the limited colour palette of the earth. Browns, broken greens, cream … Think of the forest, of a meadow – nature invented thousands of great, intense colours!

When I was designing patterns of fabrics to the collection PIXELS!, I had one thought in my head:
children are so full of energy, so wonderfully inventive that it is worth to dress them as colorful as their colorful imagination!

We adults sometimes forget ourselves, wanting our children to be the best, the smartest, the most developed … it happens that we push them into a framework of a lot of extra-curricular activities, intensive learning from the first years of life. Let them play, let them spend moments of sweet idleness, as this helps best to develop their natural curiosity, creativity and spontaneity.

Patterns in PIXELS! are a nostalgic journey into the world of a child’s imagination, translated into modern language of bits and pixels. It’s intense, energetic colours, such as the nature of children. Even the grey is completely different than usual – warm, with a tint of lavender.

I hope that you will find yourself here: the curious explorers, independent and self-willed – always loved, although sometimes unbearable? Parents and children with open minds.

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